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Canoe Studios has been the top corporate event venue and photo studio rental choice of the NYC creative community for more than a decade, and in that time we’ve learned a thing or two about providing the city’s best special event rentals and production services. Ensuring your event is staffed by a knowledgeable, capable production team is one of the biggest distinguishing factors between average events and the limitless events that has become a cornerstone of our reputation.

Why do you need a full production team for your corporate event venue or photo studio rental? And what are the roles and responsibilities you should be most aware of as you prepare to shoot or host? We’ll take you through all of those details and more in the blog below!

What are the most common or important roles for photography or video shoots?


For most creative productions like photo shoots, editorial shoots, and video shoots, the most crucial crew member to have is a Photographer or a Director of Photography who is steering the creative ship and dictating the necessary wardrobe, lights, equipment, props, set decoration, etc.

They are the creative decision-maker spearheading the vision of your shoot or production. The best shoots take thoughtful teamwork, so the Photographer or DP is often supported by two other crucial crew members: an Artistic Director and a Producer. These are the logistical roles that help realize the Photographer/DP’s vision by planning, scheduling, and coordinating all of the details that bring the shoot to life.

Without these essential production team members, the photographer/DP’s vision will be limited to whatever they can organize and prepare themselves. Producers are often the “first in, last out” overseers of the entire event and are in charge of managing the budget, picking the perfect venue, and hiring all of the key crew positions, including the Photographer/DP themselves.

What are the other essential roles within a production or a photographer team?


The Producer, Photographer/DP, and Artistic Director may be running the show, but they can’t do it to the highest standard without a host of other helping hands.

The Photographer/DP will often select Production Assistants who help support all of the arms and legs of a photo or video shoot. For editorial shoots in particular, having experienced Stylists, Costumers, and/or Artistic Directors ensures your deliverables will be of the highest production value and quality possible.

Around these team members are often additional Assistants, Production Assistants, or Digital Techs depending on the type of production.

How big is the average crew of a photo shoot or video production?


There are obviously a number of factors that can affect the size of a production team, including budget, format, and rental period. On average, however, teams typically range from around 10 to 20 crew members in total.

This essential team of production gurus will be comprised of :

  • Digital Tech
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Stylist
  • Producer
  • Production Assistants
  • Photographer/Director of Photography
  • Artistic Director

Can Canoe Studios help staff any of these positions or play any of these roles?


Generally speaking, corporate event venues and photo studio rentals don’t provide production services. They also typically don’t provide any staff or hands-on support.

Canoe Studios, on the other hand, has an expansive inventory of cutting-edge hardware to facilitate any of your special event rental needs. We’re also proud to have a deep rolodex of photographers, videographers, art directors, and production assistants who can help assist your production if you’re in need.

Most clients come prepared with their own crews but if you’re in a pinch on the day of your shoot, we’ll do our best to provide a photo/video assistant to help get your production off the ground.

As far as production services are concerned, we’re also able to help with day-of digital tech assistance for any other 11th-hour needs.

What other production services does Canoe Studios offer to photography/videography clients?


Canoe Studios and our amazing in-house staff are always keen to go the extra mile for our customers. Where other photo studio rentals in NYC will provide little to no support, we’re happy to give all of our customers help with staging and set builds. Even if our production services don’t necessarily extend to pre-production or post production, our day-of production hospitality cannot be beaten.

For any editing or post-production work, we’re also happy to refer you to someone within our verified network of industry professionals. Likewise, for heavier build days that require more serious help to meet deadlines, we can help provide willing crew to help with intensive staging, equipment preparation, and so on.

How can the addition of production staff enhance the quality of a shoot?


The importance of roles like the Costumer, Producer, Digital Tech, Photographer, and so forth are fairly self-explanatory. Generally speaking, the more defined, well-managed, and delegated to experienced professionals various aspects of your production are, the more you can focus on creating an ideal environment for game-changing content to come alive.

Beyond these defined mainstays, we recommend getting as many Production Assistants as your budget allows! The more you have helping hands standing by to assist with all of the last-minute and day-of curveballs that will inevitably come into play, the more you can focus on the bigger picture and bringing your vision to life!



When it comes to production crews and production services for your photo studio rental or corporate event venue, Canoe Studios has you covered. From special event rentals to last-minute staff, catering to staging, lighting recommendation to equipment needs, we’ve been bringing NYC’s creative visions to life for over a decade.

Ready to make your dream a reality? Give us a call to learn more about why using Canoe Studios for your event or shoot unlocks limitless possibilities.