Introducing the LED Wall: Tomorrow’s Cutting-Edge Tech is at Canoe Studios Today

From high-end advertisements and editorial shoots to full-blown film productions, Canoe Studios has the space, technology, and expertise to help you create transformative media from the heart of Chelsea Park. This game-changing LED wall, as well as a highly advanced robotic camera arm called Bolt, allows our clients to take their limitless creative visions to the next level. 

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Two Amazing Options

One curved 10-feet tall by 30-feet wide LED wall is fixed in our premiere studios for full-scale production. Another modular 8-foot by 15-foot unit is designed to adapt to smaller events and shoots.

Complete Immersion

Your vision becomes a tangible reality. Ultimate realism for actors and performers, ultimate hybridization for producers and creators, and ultimate immersion for the viewer.

Possibilities for All

LED walls are not just for high-end advertisements and blockbuster film and TV productions, but also music videos, editorial shoots, corporate events, small-scale productions, feature films, and ads of every variety. 

Full-Service Support

We run all necessary background services during production so content creators can stay focused on immersing their talent and bringing their visions to life. 

Limitless Possibilities

An LED wall is like a green screen on steroids. Want to put a motorcycle in Malibu? A model in Tokyo? Host an event on the moon? We’d say the sky is the limit but the LED wall can take you even further.

The First and Only LED Wall in NYC

Green screens are yesterday’s technology that require extensive and costly post-production. Our LED walls have arrived to completely transform how you think about, capture, and share visual media.

Minimize post-production time and expenses. Shoot within a space that has limitless potential and bring your entire team into the reality you’ve created. This is the future that Canoe is offering today.

With enough lighting, sound, and bleeding-edge tech to create the production of your dreams, the LED wall is our latest and greatest effort to provide premium resources you can’t find elsewhere.

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